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Fulton Chain of Lakes
Third Lake to Seventh Lake
A narrow, winding passage leads from Third Lake into Fourth Lake, the largest of the Fulton Chain. DEC maintains a picnic area (Fourth Lake Access) on the south shore of Fourth Lake. Cartop boat launching and parking facilities are available. Nearby Alger (Big) Island is a public campground with fifteen leantos and a facilities supervisor in attendance. Camping on Alger Island requires a camping permit issued at Fourth Lake Access. There is a service charge and accommodations on this island are dependent on whether all sites have been reserved. Distance across Fourth Lake is 5.5 miles to the Village of Inlet. Canoeists should exercise caution on Fourth Lake because of frequent high winds and very rough water. The inlet to Fifth Lake (merely a small pond) enters at the southeastern corner and is about .5 miles long. At most stages of water level the area is navigable by canoes and small boats. Once through the inlet, proceed directly across the lake and enter a winding stream (passable except in very dry weather) that comes in on the left. This leads to an evident landing place to begin a .5 mile carry. Carry canoes uphill along the path and to the left 300 feet to NYS Rt. 28. Be aware of traffic. Proceed right up hill along the highway until you reach 6th Lake Road on the left. Turn left, proceed down the road to the break wall at Sixth Lake Dam. Put canoe in and follow the south or right hand shore of Sixth Lake. Go under the County Route 13 bridge into Seventh lake.

Fulton Chain of Lakes
Seventh Lake to Raquette Lake
Paddling across Seventh Lake is hard on a windy day. When entering the lake, keep to the north shore and head due east to a point at the far end of the lake. Unless heading for the north shore leantos, avoid the bay to the northeast. Keep right of this point and swing easterly through a winding stump-strewn channel. Stay right of an island with a leanto, and head to the dock that suddenly appears this begins the Eighth Lake carry. A confusing spot to reach, watch for signs that indicate the channel. The carry to Eighth Lake, which extends through the Eighth Lake Public Campground, is one mile. From the dock, take the right fork of the road. About midway there is a trail intersection: the road to the left leads to Bug Lake; the road to the right leads to the campground caretaker's headquarters, where there is a public telephone; and a .25 mile ahead is NYS Rt. 28. For Eighth Lake, proceed straight. On Eighth Lake you will find several leantos: one on a small island near the west side of the lake, one on the north shore, and another on the lake's north end. There is another carry at the north end, that crosses the low divide between the water sheds of the Moose River and the Raquette River.

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Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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