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  • Explain why it is very important for everyone to stay together while out in the woods. It may seem easy to find your way around, but once you get out there, every tree can begin to look the same. That is why its good to bring that map and compass.

  • Whenever youngsters go into the backcountry, they should be wearing a whistle. Should they get separated from the family, it is easier to blow regular blasts on a whistle than to shout over a long period of time

  • When hiking, stop frequently to observe plants, animals or views. Remember youngsters will spend most of theri time waqtching their feet to avoid tripping over roots and rocks. If you don't stop to look around, children will find hiking pretty boring.

  • Rest frequently when hiking. Merely waiting for your children to catch up, then prceeding immediately does not allow time to rest.

  • Carry sufficient fluids. Children lose fluids during exertion faster than adults, particularly during warm weather. Don't wait until you yourself are thirsty to offer liquids.

  • Carry lots of snacks that you children like. Youngsters get irritable when their blood sugar levels drop.

  • Always carry a compass and a topographic map of the area where you are hiking. Stop during your trip to look at the topography and see if youngsters can match it to map features. Teach them how to use a compass. Youngsters like to know what they are looking at and where they are..

  • Weather changes quickly in the Adirondacks. Everyone should carry rain gear and warm clothing at all times, since hypothermia can set in even when temperatures are as high as 50 degrees farenheit. Cotton clothing conducts the cold-try to avoid wearing blue jeans and cotton sweaters.

  • Youngsters should be encouraged to carry their own daypacks containing their jacket, water and snacks.

  • Explain why youngsters should stay on the trail: to protect plants, contain erosion AND prevent anyone from getting lost.

  • When in a boat, People of all ages should always wear a life perserver. It doesn't matter if you are a good swimmer, never take the chance! Also, never stand up in a boat.

  • Avoid boating in the early spring or late fall, the water is still very cold and tipping over can mean hypothermia or death in a matter of minutes

  • When hiking, canoeing, skiing, always bring an extra set of warm clothes, raincoat, gloves. The weather can change very quickly in the Adirondacks and can get very cold. People can get hypothermia as high as 50 degrees!

  • When on that hiking trip with the Kids, make sure you bring along a first Aid kit, with bandages, band aids, antiseptic, aspirin and anything else that you particulary need, you never know when you might need it. What the saying, if you don't have it, you will need it, and if you do have it, you will not - isn't that Murphys Law?

  • When venturing off a marked trail, always mark an area every 40 or 50 yards, so as to beable to back track your way to the trail again. Its is very easy to get lost up here in the Adirondacks!! Its is best to always stay on a marked trail and to know exactly where it is you are going.


    Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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    Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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