Carl Heilman
Outdoor photographer of the Adirondack Park
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Wild Visions
Wild Visions, released in June 2000, is an evocative program that was produced to both show viewers the beauty of the Adirondacks, and to help them feel what it's like to explore some of the wildest and most remote reaches in the Adirondacks. A combination of poetic narrative, and inspirational music by Adirondack Folk Musicians, Dan Berggren, Dan Duggan, and Peggy Eyres, is synchronized to some of Carl's finest images from his years of exploring the Adirondack Park backcountry.
Wild Visions

Larger in area than the state of Masachusetts, the Adirondack Park in upstate New York contains the greatest wilderness east of the Mississippi River.
'Wild Visions', a 3 projector / dissolve multi-image program by Adirondack photographer and author, Carl Heilman II, explores our relation with this wilderness, and our spiritual connection with the Earth...
"Heilman captures the wild, brooding beauty of one of the East's greatest treasures... The vast play of his camera lens brings the region's grandeur to you with an immediacy that is only one step shy of actually being there, and fuels the passions that compel us to protect the Park."
Jo Benton, Executive Director, Adirondack Mountain Club

"The photography in Carl's new video, 'Wild Visions', is so achingly beautiful, so sharp, so intimate, that you will not only see - but will experience - each place, each scene, each vignette. You will walk the sprintime bogs and frozen mountaintops with him, and know the joys of an Adirondack summer, and autumn. I didn't think it was possible to improve upon Carl and Meg's first video, 'Adirondack Images', but these photographs are his best yet!"
Joan Payne, Adirondack Discovery

Music from the Wild Visions soundtrack by
Dan Berggren, Dan Duggan, and Peggy Eyres is on the CD's, 'Cloudsplitter', 'Ten Miles From Saturday Night, and 'Between the Seasons'. Song titles include: Be Still, Chickadee, Tahawus,
Alder Creek, Last of May, Planxty Robert Bell,
Swing Your Sweet, Life of a Mountaineer,
and We Belong to the Mountains.

Wild Visions Video

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Adirondack Images
The video, Adirondack Images, contains the two multi-image / dissolve slide programs Carl produced to help celebrate the Adirondack Park Centennial in 1992. The first, shorter program offers a perspective of the creation and protection of the Adirondack Park. The second program is a combination of Carl's contemporary images, mixed with some historic images, to help give a feel for the people who live in the Park, as well as the spectacular scenery found here.
View the spectacle of the aurora borealis on a crisp winter evening...
Enjoy the radiance of a sunrise from the summit of a High Peak...
Contemplate the intricate beauty of a primeval bog...
Paddle a wilderness shoreline, or snowshoe above timberline...
Step into the lives of rural residents and experience life in the Adirondacks...
Watch history unfold as a wilderness is preserved,
and contemplate the issues facing the Adirondack Park today...

Take a journey deep into the soul of the Adirondacks with photographer
Carl Heilman II, who, along with the help of his wife, Meg, and Dan Berggren,
produced a pair of 3 projector / dissolve slide programs to help celebrate
the Adirondack Park Centennial in 1992.

The first program, 100 Years of Stewardship,
takes a look at the creation of the Park, and the
efforts to protect it through the years. The second
program, Our Legacy for the Future, is a
celebration of life in the Park, and the wilderness.

All of the slides are synchronized to narrative,
or music from Adirondack folk musicians,
Dan Berggren, Peggy Eyres, Roy Hurd, Bill Smith,
and Woodheat (Chuck Brumley & Karen Loffler).

These shows were transferred to video by WCFE,
Plattsburgh, and have aired on Public TV stations.

Music from the Adirondack Images soundtrack
is available on the CD An Adirondack Celebration.
In addition, this CD also features other fine music
by the same Adirondack musicians. Song titles include: Adirondack Love Song,
Mountain Air, Song of the Wilderness,
Adirondack Blue, An Adirondack Serenade,
Lydia, and Looking for Answers

Adirondack Images Video

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